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Thur-Sat 11am to 10pm

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Delivery when available will before Order of $50 or more within 3 miles radius.
For orders more than $75 there will be $10 service charge.

Saffron Grill Restaurant was founded in 2007. Soheila and Abbas have both traveled throughout various regions of Iran and invoked the rustic flavors they found into their menu. Their style integrates authentic Persian tradition with inspired re-creations.

Saffron Grill Restaurant is dedicated to providing their customers with fresh and healthy Persian Cuisine geared towards a more healthy-conscious generation. We take pride in our nutritious fare and the fact that we consciously choose ingredients without MSG, tenderizers, or transfats. We have all heard the saying, “You are what you eat” and for the most, this has proven to be true. Tomorrow’s health depends on what we eat today. For all who wish to embark on a Persian culinary journey, we ensure our cuisine we encourage a healthy body and mind.

Please Note:

A word of gratuity: Saffron Grill Restaurant servers are without a doubt some of the friendliest people in town, and they do appreciate tips, as it is customary. 20% gratuity is added for groups of 5 or more, or bills of $100 or more. We thank you for your consideration.

A word on substitutions and lunch items:

The lunch menu is not available on holidays. Substitutions, besides those listed in the menu, will not be honored. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however we are positive that our extensive menu has enough options to please everyone. Ask your server for recommendations, they will guide you through our menu to find the perfect dish for you.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Saffron Grill, we appreciate your dining with us and hope you enjoy every last bite.


Package 1

Koobideh Beef and Chicken
2 Appetizers
1 Mixed Rice
Package 2
Koobideh Beef and Chicken
Boneless Chicken
2 Appetizers
1 Stew Salad
*Mixed Rice choices: Baghali Polo, Albalo Polo, Lubia Polo, Adas Polo, Zeresh Polo
* Choices of Stews: Ghormeh Sabzi, Ghaymeh Bademjon,Fessenjon, Karaphs, Aloo Sphnage
Package 3
Koobideh Beef and Chicken
Beef Filet mignon
Chicken Barg (filet)
4 Appetizers
1 Mixed Rice
1 Stew
Package 4
Koobideh Beef and Chicken
Beef Filet mignon
Chicken Barg (filet)
Lamb Kabob
Lamb Shank
Salmon Fish Kabob
4 Appetizers, 2 Stews, 2 Mixed Rices, and 2 Desserts

To Go Menu

Please specify quantity of each order. Special instructions should be indicated on the space provided.
- Indicates Vegetarian Options


Combination Plate  
            Small  9.99
            Large 13.99
Kashk -e Bademjon  5.99
Dolmeh (stuffed grape leaves)    4.99
Mast O'Khiar    4.99
Mast O'Mousier    4.99
Mast (Plain yogurt)  3.99
Torshi    4.99
Tadiq (please indicate which stew)  4.99
Hummus  5.99
       Garden-Fresh Salad  
                    Small  4.99
Shirazi Salad  4.99
Tabouli  4.99
Ashe Reshte  5.99


#1 Beef Koobideh  12.00
Wrap Plate        
#2 Chicken Koobideh  12.00
Wrap Plate        
#3 Eggplant Parmesan Wrap  10.00
#4 Basil Wrap  10.00
#5 Eggplant Whey Wrap  10.00
#6 Eggplant Pomegranate Wrap  10.00
#7 Falafel Wrap  10.00
#8 Shwarma Wrap  10.00
#9 Gyros Wrap Chicken  Beef        10.00

Daily Dishes:

Flafel Plate (Everyday)  10.99
Gyros Plate (Everyday)  10.99
Eggplant Plate (Everyday)  10.99
Baghali Polo (Sunday)  10.99
Albaloo Polo (Monday)  10.99
Chicken Beef       
Zereshk Polo (Monday)  10.99
Gheymeh Bademjon (Tuesday)   9.99
Addas Polo (Wednesday)  10.99
Chicken Beef       
Lubia Polo (Thursday)   9.99
Chicken Beef       
Ghormeh Sabzi (Friday)  10.99
Fesenjon (Saturday)  10.99

Beef Dishes:

Barg (Filet Mignon)  15.99
Shish Kabob  13.99
Soltani  20.99
Koobideh    8.99
Koobideh Combination    8.99

Lamb Dishes:

Lamb Shank  10.99
Plain Rice Baghali Polo  

Poultry Dishes:

Boneless Chicken  12.99
Chicken with Bone  13.99
Chicken Soltani  16.99
Chicken Barg  14.99
Chicken Koobideh    8.99

Side Orders:

Addas Polo    6.99
Lubia Polo    6.99
Zereshk Polo    6.99
Basmati Rice    3.99
Chicken Koobideh    3.99
Beef Koobideh    3.99
Albaloo Polo    6.99
Baghali Polo    6.99
Sabzi Polo    6.99


Bottled Water   1.99
Fountain Drinks   1.79
Pepsi  Diet Pepsi Sierra Mist Raspberry Lipton Iced Tea
House Brewed Ice Tea (Persian Blend)   1.79
Dough (Persian yogurt drink)   2.00
Perrier   2.00

Special Instructions: